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Sarah’s Day: Sweat it to Shred it

Quick Facts About the Guide

  • Social Media: sarahs_day
  • Guide Link: Sweat it to Shred it
  • Home/Gym: Both – no equipment required unless you want to up the intensity
  • Focus/Style: Mostly Cardio and HiiT
  • Format: PDF
  • Weeks: 8
  • Duration of Workouts: 30min (average)
  • Cost: AUD70 – Once off

The Layout

The guide is structured around 4 types of workouts and are about 30 minutes long:

  1. Sweaty Shredder (30 minute workout by Sarah)
  2. Toning Power (30 minute workout by Sarah)
  3. Challenge (10 to 30min workout by Sarah)
  4. Activity (Your choice of exercise)

The first 3 weeks of the guide is easy enough for beginners to ease into exercising or if you want to get back into the swing of getting active with 2 Workouts, a challenge and activity per week. Week 4 and 5 an additional workout Sweaty Shredder is added (t, and weeks 6 to 8 has an additional Toning Power.

The layout of this guide made it easy and flexible to combine with another guide especially if you are at an intermediate or advanced workout level.

The Workouts

Sweaty Shredders

These are high intensity interval workouts consisting of 7 exercises, 6 rounds of 30 seconds each. There was some ab movements at the start of the workout which can either be seen as a good warm up or an unnecessary break in from intensity depending on your fitness level. I added 2kg dumbbells to the heel touches to ensure my heart rate stays elevated during the ab intervals.

Due to my knee injury, I avoided plyometrics like Jump Lunges and Squats but focused on increasing my weights used during these exercises. Which proves the flexibility of this guide is one of it’s biggest advantages.

Toning Powers

These workouts are lower intensity but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bring the burn. I initially thought I may get bored with these as it is 3 Supersets of 2 Exercises at 1 minute each for 4 rounds. But the exercises targeted the same muscle groups and it ended up hurting in a good way. It did at times feel like she ran out of exercise ideas.


The challenges were short and easy to fit. My favourite was by far the Street Style Challenge. I did however think that Sarah could have been more creative with these.


I tried to stick these sessions but most of the time I either adapted or did my own thing which these sessions are actually for. We do not have swimming pool or stairs close by for some of the workouts.



The lack of upper body exercises during the first few weeks was a bit frustrating as I love doing full body workouts but that’s just a personal preference for me. I am used to working out for an hour a day so I combined the Sweaty Shredders and Toning Powers for a fantastic killer workout and this way I definitely avoided boredom. However, I do like the balanced approached of the guide as it provides an opportunity to try it in conjunction with your current workout style.

To be honest, I do think loads of the workouts felt like BBG (by Kayla Itsines) at one stage, especially in the last few weeks where Arms and Abs are the focus in some of the workouts. But Sarah makes it easier as the workouts are time-based and easier to track as opposed to tracking reps.

Comparing it to other guides by Lauren Gleisberg for example, in terms of value for money, I did find it a bit expensive. In addition she charges for the timer app that can be bought via the Google Play Store or iStore which is a bit cheeky in my opinion.

I also found that I had to add weights and resistance bands to increase the intensity of the Toning Power workouts especially so if you are at an intermediate to advanced fitness level, this guide may be too easy unless you make it more difficult. If you do add weights, your calorie burn will go through the roof!

Due to the flexibility and few workouts required in this guide, I combined it with Lauren Gleisberg’s Weight Training Plan 2.0 and Sweat it to Shred it was a perfect complement as an alternative to the cardio workouts required in the LG plan.

A quick note on Transformation and Progress

I am currently in what I like to call “Maintenance Mode” (click to read more) which means that my focus is not on losing weight or physique driven at all. For me during this program it was important to gain back my strength post op and feel better. And that’s exactly what happened. I am feeling stronger, fitter and so damn comfortable in my own skin. Being able to lift more is a real confidence booster for me, and I do feel more “toned” in certain areas. The combination of the guides definitely made me realise too that being fit and able to exercise is such a great privilege. Respect it. Appreciate it.




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